Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G, The Complete Review Of The New Flagship Phone

Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G, The Complete Review

The biggest smartphone producers keep releasing their most cutting-edge models as they compete to capture market share.

With the new Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G this year, Oppo has solidified its position across all industries.

The most powerful variant of the "Oppo Find X5" family, this phone was unveiled in February 2022 and represents all the company's knowledge and ingenuity. You might have heard of this phone, then.

It was first sold for a high price of about $1,299, but it is now a little more reasonable. It should be emphasized that the Find X5 Pro makes perfect sense as the Find X3 Pro's functionally exact replacement.

This review is intended to determine how different it is from its forerunner. I'll thus list all the benefits and drawbacks that you could experience when utilizing it.

Therefore, you presumably have some knowledge about this phone. This flagship Android device has a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor. It will be fascinating to see what sort of a difference it makes because it features an NPU processor specifically designed to handle low-light photography and filming.

It contains 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage and 12GB of RAM. Additionally, this smartphone has a fingerprint reader on the 6.7-inch screen, which has a 120Hz refresh rate and quad HD resolution. 5000 milliamp battery, 80-watt cable charging, and 50-watt wireless charging are also included.

What Can You Expect In The Oppo Find X5 Pro Box?

The following is what you will find in the box of the flagship phone:

  • Case TPU one fit the phone perfectly.
  • Premium Services Card, which resembles a VIP card in many ways.
  • Sim tray tool.
  • Safety information.
  • 80-watt charger.
  • Wire of type C.

Oppo Find X5 Pro Design & Body

In actuality, this phone, which measures 163.7 x 73.9 x 8.5 mm, is really lovely; it resembles a mirror surface.

With a ceramic back, a premium material that is more durable than glass but heavier overall, an aluminum frame, and a glass front, the Oppo Find X5 Pro is available in two colors: black and white (Gorilla Glass Victus). Additionally, this Oppo camera module is one of the greatest found in current flagship phones.

The screen features a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus to prevent scratches as much as possible. It also has a fingerprint sensor and a hole (4 mm) in the top left corner that houses the front camera.

It's important to note that Find X5 Pro is IP68 certified, meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter deep. There is no support for micro SD cards, but there is a USB-C charging connector and a tray on the bottom edge that can accept two nano SIM cards. The second speaker is situated above the screen in addition to the primary one.

This phone weighs about 195 grams, therefore it is not particularly lightweight. The volume up/down and on/off buttons are also easily reachable because of the rounded corners and edges.

Screen Of The Flagship Phone

We have to confess that the oppo Find X5 Pro's screen is one of its merits. The smartphone has a 6.7-inch LTPO 2 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels.

If you like this style of curved screen, this phone from Oppo is extraordinary because when you look at the screen from a particular angle, you can see that the edges are going a little bit outward. This screen works nicely with touch response motions as well.

Because of the screen's extreme brightness, even in strong light, it can be read with ease. The screen is extremely bright—about 1300 nits—and has a Quad HD plus resolution by default, yet you can really use it outside in full sunlight.

By turning on Show screen refresh rate in the Developer settings, you may make more substantial adjustments to the refresh rate. It frequently dips to 10 Hz, and 1 Hz, and hits 120 Hz.

You may also change additional settings, such as the color mode of the screen, which includes natural, professional, and cinematic options. You can control how the screen colors are shown, which is fantastic. It has 1B colors, by the way. However, if you don't want the photographs to appear a bit unnatural, at least to your eyes, you may set it to normal. The color temperature can also be altered.

Oppo Find X5 Pro Performance & Software

The Oppo Find X5 PRO is powered by Android 12 and has the ColorOS 12.1 interface.

Apart from the experience, ColorOS is quite reliable and fluid; you'll never notice lag or latency, which makes it very enjoyable to use on a daily basis. The animations utilize the 120Hz screen and are also quite detailed.

In ColorOS, customization is another essential concept. The design of the home screen, transitions, animation tempo, always-on display, notification display, and battery indication may all be modified. 

There are a ton of settings, and you can do practically anything with them.

Overall, the interface is really quick and responsive. Additionally, I have to add that sometimes the animations are even better than the UI 4.1 from Samsung and far stronger compared to the MIUI.

Oppo decided to include one of the greatest Android 12 ROMs in the Find X5 Pro, along with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage (there is no MicroSD connector).

The first-generation Snapdragon octa-core chip really runs hot, which allows it to sustain intense use without losing any smoothness. Everything functions well when browsing social networks and the internet. Additionally, it passes the SafetyNet test and has NFC.

Oppo may have tried to limit the heat while retaining very strong performance; nevertheless, we cannot say that the smartphone remains cool throughout a play session, but the glass-ceramic covering and cooling system let you avoid feeling the heat too much.

The phone receives a high AnTuTu score of about 900,000 in balanced mode. It receives a 1,000,000 score if you set it in Turbo mode or high-performance mode, which is when it is functioning to its full potential. However, it must be stated that it creates somewhat more heat, as it increased by 10.2 degrees compared to 9.8.

Furthermore, it consumes roughly 5% of the battery's capacity. As a result, we usually advise avoiding participating in games that are too long.

Optimization gets a big thumbs up; what they've done with this performance is very impressive. 

Multitasking works really well, with no latency when switching between programs. However, if you play for hours, the gadget will not keep 60 frames per second. It ranges between 37 and 41 frames per second. Even in this mode, they can manage the temperature, which is fantastic. Using a thermal imaging camera, it's around 42 degrees front and back, and about 25 degrees around the sides.

Battery & Charge Time

Overall, Oppo was successful in using the Find X5 Pro with a 5,000mAh battery, 80W rapid wired charging, and 50W wireless charging. Charging time from 7% to 100% with an 80W charge is 37 minutes. That's not a negative thing in my view, as anything under an hour is good. There are phones that charge in around 20 minutes, so it trails slightly, but it's still faster than the iPhone.

This device is powered by algorithms that monitor the battery and prevent it from overheating. You're looking at eight hours of "quad HD 120 hertz" screen time, which is better than some other phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra, which gets roughly six to seven hours.

In truth, the battery is not poor at all; it can handle huge workloads, such as playing games or capturing 4K photographs and movies, and its autonomy does not suffer considerably. You may simply have a wonderful day on the web and social networks by employing video.

But don't plan on going away for the weekend without a charger. The benefit of fast charging is that, as long as you are close to a plug and have an Oppo charger on hand to take advantage of the fast charging technology, you can rapidly find the energy you need to continue your day.

Ten minutes on the Oppo charger is sufficient to recharge the battery by over 50%. Additionally, wireless charging is available in both forward and backward directions.

Camera Of The Oppo Find X5 Pro

The firm has built on excellent things and continues to put its expertise to use. Oppo's diverse photography interventions demonstrate the brand's objectives. Following on from the Find X3 Pro, which used both the original 50MP ultra-wide angle and the macro unit, the Find X5 Pro follows up on innovation by using the same Sony IMX 766 sensor in both its wide angle and ultra-wide angle modules.

This year, Oppo collaborated with Swedish photography expert Hasselblad, previously seen alongside OnePlus, to deliver a hint of extra software processing.

The business also reveals five-axis camera stabilization, which is combined with an integrated processor specializing in artificial intelligence image processing, MariSilicon X. According to Oppo, this enables them to compute the night mode in real time on 4K footage.

Source: Oppo.com

Main Camera

  • Wide angle: 50MP, f/1.7, 25mm, IMX766, 1µm, 5-axis OIS stabilization (3-axis sensor-shift, 2-axis lens-shift).
  • Ultra-wide angle: 50MP, f/2.2, 15mm, IMX766, 1µm.
  • Telephoto: 13 MP, f/2.4, 52mm, S5K3M5, 2x optical zoom.

MariSilicon X powers the camera, therefore this NPU handles picture processing, night photos, and HDR video. This time, the business opted not to employ a Qualcomm ISP that focuses on image quality.

Source: Oppo.com

The primary camera is quite reliable and of high quality. However, if you snap images of moving subjects, even if they are not moving extremely rapidly, such as animals, people, and items, the picture may get blurred. As a result, there is some shutter lag. However, the camera equipment as a whole looks fantastic.

Telephoto is still relatively restricted at a time when Samsung provides the x10 optical and Apple has switched to the x3.

This smartphone has electronic stabilization and the ability to record in 4K at 60fps in the video. The night mode is another thing that will amaze you. really unexpected In both bright and low light, the Ultra wide-angle camera performs effectively.

Selfie Camera

  • Selfie: 32 MP, f/2.4, 21mm, IMX709.

The upper left notch houses the front camera, which has a 32-megapixel resolution. It is unfortunate that there is no 4K video recording available given how much of that technology and procedure is utilized.

The maximum resolution for videos is just 1080p, and electronic image stabilization is present but must be constantly enabled because it is typically turned off "by default".

Sound In The Oppo Find X5 Pro

Two "stereo speakers"—the primary one on the bottom border and the second one above the screen—are used by the Find X5 Pro. It should be noted that the two speakers work in harmony here because they are both strong and deliver a unique sound. As a result, you can indulge in nearly any form of entertainment.

Additionally, the voice call quality appears to be decent, and you won't experience any issues. 

On the side, it also features a noise-canceling function. The sound is significantly compressed by Find X5 Pro, but this efficiently eliminates most background noise, making speech understandable in many environments, including a busy street.

Since there is no 3.5mm headset port, you must use a Type-C adaptor, however, the sound quality is good when you do so.

Overall, there are no complaints; it is loud and clear, and the speakers are excellent.

Network & Connectivity

NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6E, and 5G (NSA and SA) are the connection options. When the average signal strength is good, the GPS performs excellently.

Price Of The Find X5 Pro

The Oppo Find X5 Pro falls well into the category of premium smartphones and is approximately $1,000 in cost. Therefore, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it ranks as one of the most costly smartphones.

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The Oppo Find X5 pro comes with several excellent features, a great battery life, and a respectable nine hours of screen time. Additionally, the ROM and the interface are incredibly quick.

You won't experience any problems at all with wireless unlocking or fingerprint stability because the animations are excellent and highly steady. We also have 80W charging, which takes 37 minutes to complete.

The fact is that this phone has a lot of very great features, but Oppo still has some improvement opportunities to make the most of them.

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