Best strategies to advertise clickbank products: A beginner's guide to promoting ClickBank items with or without a website

where to promote clickbank products

Most affiliate marketers worry about how to make money from ClickBank while ignoring the most crucial question: How to correctly advertise ClickBank products? because the appropriate technique to sell Affiliate products is what divides affiliate marketers.

You may believe that every ClickBank marketer is financially successful and earns thousands of dollars per day, but what you do not know is that only 10% of marketers, if not less, bring sales through this platform, while the rest keep moving from one product to another, believing that the challenge is in the product.

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks, and it is one of the most appealing organizations for marketers because of its high commission rate of up to 90%, which is uncommon in competing affiliate sites.

Some marketers may have said good things about ClickBank, while others might have said it is a scam and a waste of time. This question will be addressed later.

After enrolling with ClickBank "which is the easiest part," it is your time to choose a good product and then begin marketing ClickBank affiliate items, as well as how to do it for free. This step is key in affiliate marketing.

The good news is that if you're lucky, you could be able to start making money with affiliate marketing on ClickBank as soon as you receive an affiliate link from it.

In summary, if you follow the appropriate strategies, this site may transform your life financially. That is why we have put together a strategy guide on how to earn sales through ClickBank even if you are a total newbie, without or with a website.

How to register on Clickbank?

It's exactly easy to create a new account on ClickBank as it is on any other website. You may achieve this with the assistance of the video below:

Can you really make money with ClickBank?

Before we go into how to advertise ClickBank items, you should consider this: Can you really make this much money working with this network? We are here to demonstrate that it is possible if you have the appropriate information and put out enough effort.

Affiliate marketers, especially new ones, are most perplexed by the extraordinarily high commission rate of up to 90%.

The straightforward response is that since the majority of ClickBank items are digital, they don't cost much to produce, expertly packed, and delivered to their user.

Any marketer who does not want to be constrained to certain geographic areas can use ClickBank because it is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks in the globe.

What distinguishes ClickBank from the rest of its competitors is its cookie policy. Amazingly, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase in 60 days, you will still get paid.

Since ClickBank is one of the few networks that provide recurring commissions, which means ongoing passive income for you, it is a smart idea to advertise it.

Is ClickBank safe and legit?

This question has often appeared in several nations.

To start, ClickBank has several fundamental standards for product quality and filters to guarantee the validity of any product featured on its marketplace. Additionally, it disallows all shoddy and deceptive programs.

Each product offered on ClickBank is a different affiliate program that operates independently because ClickBank is more than just an affiliate network; it is a platform that links product developers with affiliate marketers.

So, it is your duty as an affiliate marketer to investigate the correct product and the credibility of its creator to decide whether or not it is worthwhile to promote. Don't worry; we provided a thorough response to this point in a previous article.

As a result, Clickbank is not a scam, it is not a waste of time, and they will not deceive you. However, not every product listed on the market is worthwhile promoting. Whether you sell a product directly or work as an affiliate marketer, the products you provide or promote will ultimately determine your reputation.

Setting up Your First ClickBank Affiliate Link (HopLink)

You must first create a ClickBank affiliate link in order to promote ClickBank goods. But if you were thinking: What would it benefit me to create one? Simply said, without one, how are you going to promote ClickBank products?!

This step is crucial; if you don't follow it correctly, you may receive traffic but nothing in return.

Simply follow these instructions to make it easy:

1. Pick a product that is ideal for you.

2. Select "Promote."

3. The "Image" will be displayed on this interface. Then provide your tracking ID and account Nickname, you need to click "Create HopLink" to generate a unique link for affiliate promotion.

clickbank promotion

4. Make sure the URL contains the phrase ""

5. Check your tracking ID and account username on the product's "Buy Now" page. To access the supplier product you are advertising, click on HopLink.

clickbank  offer

How do you choose the right ClickBank products to promote? Know the basic terms

As soon as you sign up with ClickBank as an affiliate marketer, you can begin advertising goods to your audience. But first, you must comprehend the key phrases that are employed in connection with any Clickbank product.

clickbank product

Avg $/sale

This is the typical commission that a marketer receives when they sell a ClickBank product.

In the above example, the average commission you will get after effectively promoting this item is 40$.

You will receive 400$ if you sell the product to 10 people.

Initial $/sale

This phrase refers to the sum or typical sum that marketers make through recurring commissions for a specific product.

Due to the fact that this product has extra upgrades that the consumer may purchase, the price is different from the prior pricing. Typically, only ClickBank subscription goods disclose this number.

Avg %sale

This is the average commission rate that an affiliate marketer receives for selling a ClickBank product. sometimes up to 90%.

Avg Rebill Total

This expression is used to describe items that solely feature promotions, which means that there are several purchasing options available to customers, some of which may be one-time purchases or ongoing subscriptions.

Certain items may be utilized on a monthly subscription basis, which means that you will benefit from one customer for a number of months.

Simply put, this term refers to the typical percentage of commission you will receive when a customer upgrades to access new material from the product.

Avg %/Rebill

This phrase refers to the average recurring commission received on re-pays only, which is the percentage of income you will receive through offers.

Gravity (Grav)

The most important thing you should consider when selecting a product is this phrase.

There are two different interpretations of what this phrase signifies. According to the first, the greater this indicator, the easier the product seems to sell to customers (the product is sold successfully); according to the second, it simply indicates the large number of marketers that advertise this product.

In general, concentrate on locating a product with an attractiveness rating above 50 to ensure that it can be sold. However, when it is low, it may not always indicate a low-quality product; there are numerous alternative possibilities.

sale page

This is the page that the customer will get at after clicking on your affiliate link. As a result, inspecting the page might help you decide its quality.

affiliate marketing tools page

Emails, photos, banners, and product descriptions may all be found on this page. It is a product quality standard.

These tools will assist you in marketing the product in a variety of ways.

To summarize, all of these phrases and indications offer an approximation of the product's quality and are the only ones that will tell you if the product is good or awful. As a result, you must pay attention to it and be cautious not to advertise a product with poor signs.

Can I promote ClickBank products directly?

Most marketers create a Facebook Ads advertising and everyone who clicks on the advertisement is sent to the product page; however, in most circumstances, this form of targeting is poor and inaccurate, and in other cases, the Facebook Ads account is deleted.

Furthermore, this strategy is unfavorable to the client since it causes confusion and raises suspicions in the visitor. As a result, he is unable to purchase the product.

But don't worry, I'll show you how to properly advertise these items.

Create a landing page for Clickbank products

The landing page is where you perform the work of persuading the consumer and where he will discover a solution to his problem, so you must prepare it carefully. You should develop specific landing pages for each product you advertise, and they should be proportionate to the sales page.

Without landing pages, it is impossible to get visitors to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase. Landing pages are the true spot to generate money from ClickBank.

When a visitor clicks on the link to the landing page, he is frequently searching for a solution to his problem. As a result, you must give him a brief description of his issue and then pitch the product as the answer.

With ConvertKit or Instapage, you can make a professional landing page.

There are more complicated landing pages known as Sales Funnel, which is an acronym for many interconnected landing pages with the purpose of gaining the most advantage from the visitor.

How many products can you promote on ClickBank?

Promoting a huge number of items from various categories is one of the blunders novices frequently do, and this error alone might make your enterprise fail.

We discover certain websites that just advertise one or sometimes only five products but nonetheless have thousands of daily visitors.

Therefore, you must pick a product in a specific niche that is appropriate for your visitors and market it. It is sometimes okay to market other products in the same niche, but you must do so in a manner that is suitable for your audience, as each website has a unique audience with distinct interests.

How to promote ClickBank Products for Free?

In contrast to paid methods, obtaining free traffic takes time.

You may start marketing ClickBank items without paying a cent, but you must write one or two articles about the products every day, upload videos, and participate in forums. In addition, the information you produce must be of exceptional quality.

The best methods for attracting free traffic to your ClickBank items are listed below:

Create a specialized website

One of the most tried-and-true techniques of gaining traffic in affiliate marketing is to start building a website if you're searching for a long-term approach to promote ClickBank items that fit your niche.

To establish a reputation in your sector, expand and improve the website, and follow SEO best practices so that you may attract visitors from search engines, you should produce a range of articles and blog posts.

You will be able to create a reliable, long-term marketing asset as a result.

Before you proceed with purchasing a business domain and hosting, there is a protocol you should follow before you start reviewing your ClickBank items.

1. Choosing a niche

It's simple: instead of building a comprehensive blog that discusses everything, pick one topic and focus on it, because working in a certain niche is the most significant thing you can do to boost the chances of your website's success. Otherwise, you risk wasting the time and work you will invest into content production.

However, if you want to boost your chances of gaining clients, instead of developing a blog in one topic, try generating blogs in the so-called "micro-niche."

So, what exactly is the distinction between "Niche" and "Micro Niche"?

A micro-niche is just a finer version of a niche. Making profits from the Internet, for example, is regarded as a niche, although dropshipping, freelance, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce are Micro niches.

After you've decided on a micro-niche, make sure there are items in the Clickbank marketplace relevant to the same niche or micro-niche so that the products you provide are suitable for the content of your website.

2. Searching for keywords (SEO)

Because we will be relying on free traffic, you must have heard of SEO and understand what it entails, even if you are a beginner. In brief, SEO is the primary source of traffic to your website and should guide the majority of your writing approach; it is what will help you rank at the top of search engine results.

So, how can I get my articles to the top of the search engine results?

Here we get to the most crucial stage, which is selecting the proper keywords that do not have a lot of competition but also have a significant amount of visitors.

To begin, keywords are the search terms for which you wish to optimize your content.

In truth, picking keywords is a topic that may be lengthy to describe, but simply long-tail keywords are best suited if you want to lead the search results, especially for novices, because it is easier to rank an article for a long-tail keyword because there is much less competition. unlike the short tail keywords.

The term that you successfully target will bring you visits from search engines, whereas the keyword that you failed to target will not bring you traffic. Here are some tools to aid you with your keyword research. There are free and paid tools available: Free, but important features are paid

Ubersuggest: 100% free

Kwfinder: Paid.

Keyword Planner: 100% Free

Because the buyer has already formed an opinion about the product and simply needs to read the review before purchasing it, so must always add the name of the product you want to promote along with the phrase "Review."

3. Collect the email addresses of your readers

The important step that will enable you to maximize your earnings from ClickBank is this one. The email addresses of your visitors are collected here so that you may contact them directly without needing to have them access your website.

There are two ways to capture visitor email:

  • Encourage website visitors to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Distribute free lectures and courses to their email.

Since you will be able to connect with visitors directly and personally after you have their email addresses, you will have a high level of trust and the consumer won't have any worries about your offers.

ClickBank YouTube channel

Another option to generate free traffic for your affiliate links is to advertise ClickBank items on YouTube.

In contrast to blogging, competition on Youtube is generally low. Therefore, get started right away if you want to employ this kind of marketing as it doesn't need a lot of equipment or money.

By customizing your YouTube video's title, description, meta tags, and snippet to generate traffic, you may increase your presence there.

Just keep in mind to always put a call to action (CTA) in the description box to encourage users to click on certain links.

Marketing ClickBank products through Facebook

There are many ways and strategies for marketing on Meta platform, and since everyone has their own strategy, you might not need to use them all.

Marketing through Facebook groups and forums

After selecting the ideal product, search for forums and groups that share your interests and join them. It's important to remember that you should not join any groups in a way that violates their rules in order to avoid being banned.

Share your material, reply to comments, and invite visitors to follow and subscribe.

This helps you win the public's confidence, but in exchange, you avoid participating in undesired discussions or groups, which will not offer you any helpful organic traffic for ClickBank items.

Promote by creating your own page

In terms of publishing, the strategy is comparable to the group method, but it is a bit easier and allows you to regulate your engagement with visitors.

Create a page and upload material that will entice visitors to visit it, having a big number of friends on your account might be beneficial.

Promote ClickBank products on Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for marketing, especially if you want to promote things to further your career.

There are several courses on Clickbank that are comparable, and we have discovered that they are all advertised by posting videos on Instagram.

Everyone that follows you on your account will be interested in what you have to offer and will really need it, making it a focused and successful strategy. As a result, expect great conversion rates when you add your affiliate link.

In general, Instagram is an excellent place to make money from ClickBank. The more interested followers you have, the more people will click on your affiliate links to your ClickBank products, which will result in more commissions for you.

Double the commissions you will get from ClickBank with Tiktok

TikTok is without any doubt, the greatest affiliate platform available right now. TikTok videos may be used to direct viewers to your landing page if you first provide compelling and entertaining material for them.

A lot of traffic is coming from TikTok to videos on cooking, losing weight, and learning new skills.

Share your TikTok postings on the rest of your social media in order to reach the correct audience for your goods using hashtags.

Clickbank products on Pinterest

Infographic posts that provide concise and straightforward summaries of topics are particularly popular on the Pinterest site. On all other social media platforms, however, the fundamentals are constant. You may add your affiliate link next to the image and establish your own unique personal identification number using this platform.

Because it is so simple to work on Pinterest to earn commissions—you don't need to know anything about technology, complicated algorithms, or SEO—all you have to do is keep posting and pinning.

Connect with other users and join Pinterest Group Boards to generate additional engagement, which will then automatically drive free traffic to your website.

Create an e-book

Including product suggestions or HopLinks in an ebook about your topic is simple. Customers who read your e-book are more inclined to believe what you have to say and to regard you as an authority, which might result in commissions.

The e-book may be a significant attraction because it's an excellent method to advertise Clickbank products, especially online courses. It's also high quality, accessible, and downloadable.

It's common to include a tool like Active Campaign for email marketing if you're selling an affiliate marketing course, but be sure to add a notice that your eBook contains affiliate links and don't overuse them. Customers will trust you more as a result of this.

Creating a mailing list to promote ClickBank products

The phrase "the money is in the list" is used frequently in the affiliate marketing industry, and it is true. Many Affiliates who want to see results rapidly love this approach. But if you're just getting started, there's nothing wrong with using free strategies at first. Then, start making investments in yourself by taking meetings and buying courses.

We will now discuss paid strategies that can bring you thousands of dollars through Clickbank.

Let's speak about the difficulties that inexperienced marketers have while marketing Clickbank items first, though, before we get to the heart of the subject. Most often, the marketer creates advertising for Facebook Ads or Google Ads and directs traffic there. But when he updates the Clickbank account, he discovers that there is now $0 waiting for him.

Do not be concerned; the approach I will provide you is successful and supported by two important stages.

  1. Squeeze Page Setup
  2. Send Traffic to Squeeze Page

If you use this strategy, be sure to expect daily earnings of at least $100.

The process is simple, but because the goal of this technique is to collect the email addresses of the targeted audience so that we may retarget them later, we will route the visitors from Google and Facebook Ads to the "Squeeze Page" first.

Squeeze Page Setup

Simply described, a Squeeze Page is a landing page designed to attract and gather email addresses from new subscribers. So, how can we make a Squeeze Page?

1. Create a landing page

We already discussed how to make a landing page and its function. You may use whatever platform you like, but I recommend GetResponse since its interface is basic enough for any novice, it's a complete tool that allows you to develop landing pages and Squeeze Pages without the need for other software, and its API is supported worldwide.

After creating an account on this site, click on the "Create Landing Page" option to see a variety of ready-made designs. Choose what works best for you based on the niche you've chosen. You may also make one from scratch. "The opportunity to start from scratch exists."

Put whatever name you remember for your Squeeze Page in the Name field.

2. Create the bait

To collect emails from certain customers, the bait must be tailored to them. E-books and mini-courses are popular choices.

how is the bait especially for them, you might wonder? Simply said, I want to promote a product for those who want to lose weight; they should not be given a Forex book!

The procedure for making the bait is simple; all you need to do is browse one of the articles pertaining to the area you've chosen, copy the content, and modify it as an ebook. You have successfully designed your own bait.

Remember to include your logo to demonstrate that you are a brand.

3. Setting Thank you Page

All that's left for me to do is create the Thank You Page, which we'll need to inform the customer that their book has been shipped to them.

It's true that we don't initially care about getting direct transfers; instead, getting the customer's email is all that matters.

Following the page's saving, you must prepare its data, including its title, description, and the name of the list to which you will add subscribers from the landing page. Then, as soon as you are ready, click Publish.

4. Auto-Responder setting

After you've created the landing page, you should create your Auto-Responder, which is what we'll need to deliver the ebook after the visitor enters their email address.

The message that will be received must include the following: Thank you for believing in [your brand]. You may get the book by clicking on the link [...].

I hope you understand the Auto-Responder, which is simply to send an email to everyone who registered on the landing page that we built.

5. Create your own Sequence

Let me give you an example to help you understand before I begin.

Imagine that you received a recommendation to purchase this course through email. Of course, you won't purchase it.

On the other hand, you discover that someone teach you for free a method to earn more than $3,000 per month and it was successful for you before telling you to purchase a certain course. Will you buy it? Without a doubt, the answer is yes.

You should apply the same strategy while promoting Clickbank items, so pick a field that you are knowledgeable about and can benefit others in.

Will we carry out the process manually? No, it won't, but not without an effort from you.

The significance of the sequence is now apparent; these are emails that we program to automatically send to every subscriber on our mailing list.

What will be the process for creating our own? Easy to do. We'll visit Getresponse once more before moving on to Automation, Create Workflow, and Build from scratch.

You may create a Sequence using a variety of forms, but in this instance, all we need to know is if the client pressed or not.

In summary, this procedure is set up to automatically send emails to everyone who subscribes to the list you have made. Then, after a day or the duration you specified, he sends him the email you wrote, and so on.

In actuality, how smoothly this process goes and how much money you make depends on each marketer and the industry they work in.

Note: Don't send the customer one product after another, and before sending him any goods, check them out for yourself to ensure that it is good.

Send Traffic to Squeeze Page

Once the prior procedures have been finished, it is essential to drive visitors to your landing page in order to earn commissions.

There are various ways to attract traffic, and we've already discussed several free techniques, but we will include two that are particularly useful for promoting Clickbank items in our case.

Create a Facebook Ads Campaign

One of the greatest affiliate marketing strategies is to run advertisements on Facebook and direct them to the landing page we have developed.

Since every marketer is different, there is no magic formula that I can teach you to run a successful advertising campaign. However, I can tell you that you must test many different ads until you find the one that works.

Additionally, keep in mind that in order to earn commissions, the individuals you target must be interested in the market niche you are operating in and the ebook you are employing.

Pay-per-click ads

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective ways for affiliates to generate money with ClickBank. Compared to organic marketing options like launching a blog or expanding a YouTube channel, this sort of marketing is known for producing a quick profit.

If you're prepared to test your ad wording and your inventiveness on a regular basis, you may establish a successful advertising campaign using Google AdWords to drive people to your landing page. 

Pay-per-click on other ad networks, including Microsoft, Bing, and others, shouldn't be ignored.

Bidding on the terms your target audience uses while searching is crucial for advertisements on the Google search network. So you must perform some arithmetic to ensure that your CPC is less than your overall income so that you are working for nothing.

How to promote Clickbank products without a website?

Making money from Clickbank without a website is possible, and we have discussed numerous methods for earning commissions without a site, but the best is to build a mailing list.


What you've read so far is more than enough to earn more than three sales per day at the beginning, which equates to more than $100 per day if we assume a commission rate of $40. Simply implement what I told to you, in addition to your creative touch on the field, which I am sure everyone of us has.

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