how to make money online with Clickbank even if you are a beginner? Up To 100$ Per Day

One of the biggest issues facing small and medium-sized businesses today is finding the right marketing platform. It’s difficult to find a single platform that’s capable of handling all of your digital marketing needs. Instead, you often have to choose between investing in multiple platforms, which is time-consuming and expensive. And even if you’re able to find the right platform, it’s not always easy to learn how to use it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest methods to earn money online by promoting other people's goods.

You discover an intriguing product, and you make a deal with the seller to receive a commission for any sale that results from your recommendation.

Many individuals want to make money from ClickBank; if you're one of them and want to make money online even if you've never done it before and have no expertise with affiliate marketing, then this post is for you.

This essay is being written to assist you in realizing the potential value of your Clickbank items. You simply need to read this post to get the most out of it and then apply whatever you want and more since it is a thorough and full tutorial on ClickBank that covers all you want to know about it.

What is ClickBank and how does it work?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network based in the United States that was launched in 1998. There are thousands of digital items available, including e-books, classes, and software.

Simply said, it links product owners (merchants and sellers) with affiliate marketers (publishers).

If you are the seller, you may use the ClickBank system to design and set up your own product, which is then listed on their affiliate marketplaces where thousands of marketers can find it.

ClickBank allows owners to sell a wide range of items, including computer software, e-books, and more.

ClickBank connects product owners with affiliate marketers.

To become an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is create an account with ClickBank and then browse their marketplace, which compiles all items offered by partner sellers.

Once you've found a worthwhile product, ClickBank will provide you with a special "affiliate link" leading to the product page. All you need to do from there is generate sales, and you'll then get paid a commission for each sale generated by your link.

Once a product is sold, the company uses specific tracking URLs and cookies to keep track of sales and determine how many referrals were involved.

Since its inception, Clickbank has developed into one of the most well-known affiliate networks. Product owners may utilize Clickbank as a successful means of promoting their items, and marketers can choose, promote, and profit from their sales.

How long does it take to get paid from ClickBank?

Users of ClickBank are automatically paid on Friday, which is two days after the end of the payment period.

Your bank may need a few business days to complete and deposit your payment into your account.

Users will be able to receive their payments weekly rather than biweekly if the account chooses to pay via direct deposit (international or the US).

The end of the period for accounts that get weekly payments is every Wednesday at 12:00 AM PST. The end of the period for biweekly accounts is now the same day as settlement, every Wednesday at 12:00 AM PST.

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Why Clickbank? Is ClickBank good for beginners?

ClickBank is one of the first places you should check out if you're looking for a digital product to promote, especially if you're new to affiliate marketing.

The ClickBank Marketplace is renowned for being a source of a broad selection of digital goods from which you may earn substantial commissions.

You are in the proper location if you are prepared to invest the time necessary to choose the ideal product and conduct effective targeting. You may earn more commissions by using a strong ClickBank offer.

Pros of the Clickbank Marketplace

We will learn about the benefits that ClickBank gives to both merchants and affiliate marketers as it is one of the greatest websites for e-marketing.

The most significant of these advantages are listed below:

Benefits for product owners

1. Getting customers to buy your goods is easy using Clickbank. The only thing a product owner has to do to begin selling their products on the Clickbank marketplace is to register for an account and determine the pricing of their goods.

2. The Clickbank market is an excellent place to start since there are many affiliate marketers there that are willing to advertise your items, which will enable you to start generating money right away and grow your brand more widely.

Benefits for Affiliates

1. Due to its effort to timely payments to subscribers, Clickbank is one of the secure websites with a high reputation.

2. Unlike Clickbank, which pays weekly or biweekly, several competitive marketing networks pay on a monthly basis, which means they retain your money for 30 days after you earn it.

3. The subscriber receives a commission that ranges between 75% and 90% of the product's worth, which is regarded as extremely good. Because the great majority of Clickbank items are digital.

4. There are many options to select the product that works best for you because Clickbank provides tens of thousands of items throughout around twenty categories.

5. The Clickbank website gives subscribers access to information that the site compiles for each product so they can see how much interaction each product receives from customers.

6. Some networks have tight policies regarding the acceptance of new marketers. They often fear fraudsters who, by employing dubious promotional strategies, might endanger the network's connections with product owners. Beginner-friendly is Clickbank.

7. Within a window of time not to exceed 60 days, the buyer may return the item he purchased from the website.

Cons of the Clickbank Marketplace

Although Clickbank provides a lot of benefits to its users, there are also certain drawbacks that users should be aware of.

disadvantages for product owners

1. Although the 60-day period of validity during which the consumer can return the thing he purchased is beneficial to the buyer, it is bad for the seller in particular.

2. It takes large commissions to attract affiliate marketers as a seller, and it is this technique that separates ClickBank from its competitors.

Negatives for Affiliates

1. Even if you locate a terrific product, their sales page will still be awful, which will hurt your sales.

2. It may take a lot of effort and study to discover a good ClickBank product that you are pleased to promote and that does not have an intense rivalry because the majority of items with high attractiveness have tough competition.

3. There are just a few options for consumers outside of the United States of America to withdraw money from ClickBank, and that means through Payoneer.

How to Make Money With Clickbank? Up To 100$ Per Day

clickbank affiliate
make money from home with Clickbank

There are two basic methods to generate money on Clickbank.

The first approach is to develop your own items and sell them on the Clickbank marketplace.

The second strategy is to sell other people's items while earning a commission on each sale made through you.

Use Clickbank to Sell Your Own Products

You must pay a one-time activation cost of $49.95 to join the Service as a seller after registering. Thereafter, you may pick the proportion of commission you want to provide to anyone who decides to promote your product.

It's simple to advertise your digital items, services, and other offerings with ClickBank. Following your product's listing, Clickbank users will begin to promote it, leading to sales.

When you list your product on Clickbank, you should pay close attention to the page that is intended for your visitors; if it is difficult to use or lacks a clear call to action, you will not make any profit, even though people are visiting your website.

It could be preferable to use Clickbank as a means of attracting people to your website who will subscribe to your newsletter, giving you an endless supply of possibilities to promote to them in the future.

Getting Started with ClickBank as an Affiliate

Starting as an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways to make money with Clickbank.

Once you sign up to be an affiliate, you can immediately explore and advertise the many goods that are offered to you for sale.

The most crucial step in becoming an affiliate is to conduct thorough research on the affiliate program's requirements and best practices, even though this takes time to complete.

To make your first sale on ClickBank, you must take two essential steps:

  • the right product
  • The traffic

Before I get into the details, allow me first to give you a high-level overview of each step.

Your product selection may appear easy enough to buy, but in reality, this stage is essential to affiliate marketing since if it is invalidated, you will undoubtedly not make even a single cent from ClickBank.

The only thing left to do now that you have the ideal product is to begin generating traffic and directing it to your sales funnel.

How to Choose the Right ClickBank Product

Choosing a product from among the many unique ones featured on the Clickbank site is difficult, so you should follow these steps if you want to pick one that will help you make a lot of money.

1. Sort the items

Since Clickbank offers a large selection of items, as was already said, it might be useful to focus your search by filtering; first, in accordance with the business you deal with, the type of product, and/or the commission rate.

2. Avoid products with high gravity

High attractiveness ratings are not a good sign because they often indicate competitive products.

Don't assume that high gravity is the factor; there are other considerations as well, and if you ignore them, you should be ready to fail.

Pick products with a gravity score that falls between those two extremes.

3. Select the goods that appeal to you

If you select a product that interests you, you will have a better understanding of how to sell it and how it might benefit potential clients. For example, if you work in the tourism business, avoid looking for trading items since you lack the necessary knowledge.

No matter if you decide to advertise weight loss programs, e-books, or social media marketing tools, as long as you have a thorough grasp of your product, you will be OK. You should spend most of your time studying the items that work for you.

Conclusion Select the text's product that you can comprehend, not the other way around.

4. Check the sales page for the vendor

No matter how much traffic you provide to a seller's website, you won't be able to make any sales if it doesn't seem reliable.

Even though they may offer a high commission rate, it is crucial to carefully study the seller's sales page before deciding to promote their goods.

5. The item that could be able to address the buyer's issue

The most crucial portion of your trip is right now. Make sure you comprehend your clients' problems and how to fix them to obtain the greatest results quickly. 

Customers are more inclined to purchase a solution that solves at least one of their difficulties.

6. Other variables that vary depending on the affiliate marketer include:

  • Because my typical daily sales are 10 per day, I need to earn more than $100 per day, and my commission must be over $10.
  • Since it will be simpler for me to convert my traffic, the sales funnel ought to be quite effective.
  • Because I don't want to lose my consumers' confidence over a product, it needs to have excellent ratings.

Marketing Clickbank Products

clickbank for beginners
marketing strategy

You should try to use as many of the following components as you can if you're interested in learning how to promote ClickBank products to have effective product marketing campaigns:

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC).
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Social media.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You should initially establish a website that focuses on a specific niche and contains offers and items from Clickbank that you wish to market.

You may utilize your content to draw readers in before slipping your ClickBank offer somewhere within the article.

You must optimize your landing page for search engines if you want it to convert as many visitors as possible.

SEO seeks to raise your website, article, or both in search results.

The following are the most important aspects of SEO:

1. After determining the most regularly searched terms linked to the product you intend to offer, the search engine will assess and rank these keywords in order of relevancy.

2. One of the most significant components of SEO is anything you do outside of your page, such as link building and guest posting. The more active your page is, the better it will perform in the search engine.

3. Instead of one or two words, aim for extended keyword phrases. Short keywords frequently face strong competition from major sites. So, if you write articles based on these lengthy keywords, you may typically obtain some search engine traffic.

4. Verify that your website is working and error-free.

5. Creating a newsletter and utilizing it to promote Clickbank products can help you develop a target audience for future marketing of all your offers.

2. Instagram

Instagram has a lot of interesting content, and obtaining a lot of followers on this site is not difficult.

You may begin sharing interesting information that has followers all around the world that is relevant to your niche.

You may also follow and communicate with influencers in your field.

3. Youtube

You can communicate with your audience more on the YouTube platform, where you may make any type of video to advertise your goods, especially the short video.

By making a video that offers free value relating to your niche and suggests the product as a gift, you may use this trump card to attract potential buyers.

Alternatively, you could do a video review of the item and provide a link to purchase it in the description.

4. Facebook

Creating a Facebook fan page is another alternative, as the majority of admirers use this network. You may utilize your Facebook page to drive visitors to your website by filling it with material connected to it.

However, when it comes to product promotion, Instagram and YouTube continue to be the primary players.

5. Pay-per-click (PPC) (PPC)

Investing in Facebook Ads or Google Ads may be a good idea if you have the money to promote a product. The benefit of this situation is that you may quickly begin receiving traffic after the campaign has begun.

This approach is applicable to SEO. If you don't have a budget, you shouldn't be concerned as long as you are succeeding in other ways.

How much money can I make using Clickbank?

There is no one right response to this question because it is so individualized. How you select and advertise your affiliate items is one of the significant factors.

The majority of beginners, especially affiliate marketers, believe that once they enter the market, they will become wealthy overnight, but this is not the case.

On the internet, there are many people who may deceive you into thinking that you can make $10,000 in a few days.

But if you're wondering if you can make money using ClickBank, the answer is definitely yes.

You can make your first sale in a few days or it could take months, depending on your skill level. If you are ready to invest your time and effort in ClickBank at first, you may make a lot of money. After that, things get much simpler.

Ok, Let's use an example: if the average commission you receive from each sale is $40, you only need to make 3 sales each day to reach $100, which is a great deal.

How can I earn money from ClickBank fast?

The video below will show you how to easily make money with Clickbank quickly:


One of the best methods to make money online is through affiliate marketing, and the best thing is that much of it is passive income.

We hope that this article will provide you with some helpful advice for making money on ClickBank, but if you are new to the business, you shouldn't expect to become wealthy overnight; instead, keep your priorities in order and concentrate on your marketing plan; success will eventually come to you, but it will take some time.

Best luck!

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