Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker Available

The Best Grammar Checker Available
Grammarly: The Best Grammar Checker Available

Work as an author, content creator, or reviewer, in email marketing, digital marketing, freelancing, or any other field. I can almost guarantee that you are concerned about your grammar. This is because poor grammar not only prevents readers from reading your writing but also causes them to doubt its quality.

You have thus come to the proper spot if you're seeking a tool to make your writing more proficient and are interested in enhancing your grammar, spelling, and English writing abilities in general.

What exactly is Grammarly?

Even after you master the fundamentals, studying more advanced grammatical and stylistic details might be perplexing while writing essays, blogs, or even college research papers, everyone, even seasoned writers, makes mistakes in their work.

For students, academics, and professionals to evaluate English work and repair spelling and grammatical issues, Grammarly is the greatest online spelling and grammar checking tool. Compared to more conventional tools, such as those built into Word or Outlook, Grammarly strives to advise the usage of words suited for the present context. Grammarly classifies your writing, whether it be official or informal, and more precisely finds faults.

Grammarly is sometimes referred to be a free English-language text-checking and editing tool. It is a piece of software that highlights spelling and grammar mistakes and works to make your writing more comprehensible. But is Grammarly really the world's greatest grammar checker? Justin Brown, the creator and chief editor of Ideapod, an online magazine with millions of readers each month, examined Grammarly to learn the answer to that question. He said, "I wish I had come across Grammarly years ago. It would have saved me so much time."

How do I use Grammarly?

The first step is to visit the Grammarly website and register for a free account. After registering, you will be given a tour of the Grammarly editor. This enables you to easily change settings so that the comments you receive are pertinent to the text you are having Grammarly edit for you.

The Grammarly software may be used in a variety of ways, including : 

  • visiting the website directly.
  • adding an extension to your browser.
  • using the Grammarly keyboard app for mobile devices.

1. visit the website directly

After completing the registration procedure, it will immediately transition to this interface:

upload a file
upload a file

To begin using Grammarly on the website, upload a file, then specify the context of your work, which will subsequently affect the suggestions and corrections provided by the software. As seen below, you are prompted to specify your writing purpose by choosing the following:

set goals
set goals

An example of how on-site correction works. You pick the right choice by clicking on the underlined mistake. There are some services you cannot use with a free account; to use all the services offered by the website, you must subscribe.

how on-site correction works
how on-site correction works

2. Install the Grammarly Extension for Firefox or Chrome

Downloading the Grammarly extension for your preferred browser—whether it's Firefox, Google Chrome, or another—is easy and cost-free. To enable the extension in the browser, you must sign in to your account. Anywhere you type text, including on Facebook and emails, the Grammarly logo will display once you quickly install the extension. After you download the extension for free, be sure to activate it.

3. using the Grammarly Keyboard app on mobile devices

On your phone, you download the application, and then you turn on the keyboard in the settings. Additionally, it will automatically suggest corrections while you type.

The services that Grammarly offers

1. spelling correction and proofreading

Both a free and a premium version of Grammarly are available. Spelling, grammar, brevity, and other fundamental writing tips are included in the free edition. For informal writing, it works best. However, the premium edition of Grammarly will work better if you need to use all of its functions.

2. Clarity and fluency

You can use Grammarly to improve the clarity and purity of your writing, keeping the reader interested until the finish. Grammarly will provide you with a ton of recommendations on how to improve your sentences if they are unclear or have several issues with indirect speaking.

3. sentences rephrasing

This feature alone has the potential to drastically revolutionize your work. You frequently create lengthy sentences with lots of punctuation and ambiguity. Grammarly will reword the same line so elegantly that you will be astounded. This will assist you in making the sentence more understandable.

4. Check for plagiarism

This function is important for determining whether an item is unique or duplicated. Grammarly will display precise paragraphs that are comparable to those seen on other websites. You can then determine if it is a case of plagiarism or simply a match between the normal lines.

The difference between Grammarly's free and  premium

Below is a comparison of the services offered by both versions of Grammarly, which offers a free version and a premium version with more and broader capabilities that encompass several services.

1. Grammarly free version

The free edition of Grammarly allows you to fix any spelling and grammar mistakes in any text you create. For students, this edition is the best option.

Grammarly free may be quite effective in identifying grammar and punctuation issues when typing, according to several users.

2. Grammarly premium version

The premium edition of the program may be a good alternative if you wish to grow to a professional and advanced level in English writing. The Premium Grammarly version now has a ton of features, In addition to all the capabilities in the free version, you'll gain a variety of tools that will help you create content that is free from grammatical and spelling issues as well as improper punctuation.

The following are Grammarly's top benefits in its premium version:

  • Everything is in the free edition.
  • Full-sentence rewrites.
  • Word choice.
  • Tone recommendations.
  • Plagiarism detection.

Earn Money Through the Grammarly Affiliate Program

Every time a customer signs up for Grammarly through you, including those who only subscribe to the free version, Grammarly rewards you. If the consumer upgrades, you will receive a bigger commission.

The important thing to remember is that Grammarly pays you in several ways for the same referral, so you may get paid in multiple ways for each subscription that is registered using your referral link:

  • A free membership costs $0.20.
  • Each successful upgrade to Premium Grammarly costs $20.

Grammarly Affiliate Program
Grammarly affiliate program

Click here to join Grammarly's affiliate program.


For the majority of individuals, we strongly advise Grammarly. A professional editing tool that examines everything before you submit your work is a wonderful method to enhance your writing. Many individuals undervalue the value of editing their writing, but as email usage has increased, it is more important than ever.                                          

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