10 tips that can help you save battery on your iPhone

10 tips that can help you save battery on your iPhone
increase battery life on your iPhone

The problem of fast battery drain on iPhones is still a nightmare that haunts users and enthusiasts. Several users on social media have reported that iOS 15 has affected the battery life of their iPhones and is heating them up to uncomfortable levels. If you are one of the people affected by battery drain issues after the iOS 15 update, you may want to consider the following fixes before you take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Support.

how to increase battery life on iPhone

there are many ways to improve the battery health of the iPhone, but here are the best tips to help fix the iOS 15 battery drain issues that you are facing on your iPhone.

1. Reset all settings

It is critical that you use this dependable cure whenever your gadget has a chronic problem. And you may rely on this strategy to resolve the iPhone's battery power depletion difficulties. Resetting all settings, for those who don't know; clears all previous settings, including VPN and Wi-Fi, while keeping all media and data intact.

Reset All Settings
Reset All Settings

Go to Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset. Now select "Erase All Settings" on the pop-up menu and confirm the action. We've put up a comprehensive tutorial on resetting all of the settings on the iPhone.

2. Turn off location services

Some iPhone apps, such as Find Me, require regular access to your location. This may have an impact on battery life because the GPS sensor will require continual energy resources. On iOS, you may turn off location services by navigating to Settings- > Privacy-> Location Services and then Off.

Turn off location services
turn off location services

3. Update all applications to the most recent versions of Apple

With the introduction of iOS 15 and its new features and needs. Most applications you may already be using may have updated versions suited for Apple's newest mobile operating system. Application developers update their software on a regular basis to address incompatibility and bug concerns. As a result, it is critical to always use the most recent version of the app to guarantee that it functions properly and does not take too many iPhone resources.

To update your iPhone's applications, to boost iPhone battery health. Open the App Store, tap your account picture, and then hit the Update All option at the bottom of the page.

4. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

The age of wireless headphones has here, and Bluetooth connects these gadgets to your iPhone. However, wireless data transmission necessitates a significant quantity of battery capacity. As a result, it is advised to turn on Bluetooth only when necessary and to stop using these external devices while your battery is low to guarantee improved battery health iPhone.

Turn off bluetooth
Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

5. Examine the strength of your network signal

Examine your network signal. If your cell phone network is choppy, you should reset your iPhone's network settings. If your phone is connected to an LTE or 4G network and the coverage is poor, to ensure increased battery health, you should disable LTE and 4G mode and use the phone on 3G to keep your iPhone battery from dying too rapidly.

Unfortunately, if you're a poor signal in your house or business, you must switch to another network that has adequate coverage nearby.

To modify LTE settings, go to Settings-> Cellular -> then disable LTE SIM (turn off cellular data).

turn off cellular data
turn off cellular data

6. longest lasting battery, Take the animation out

The latest iOS versions have a few animations designed to enhance your user experience. Screen transitions, in-app animations, and a parallax effect for the backdrop and lock screen are among the animations available. Although this may appear to be correct on your iPhone. However, it may demand more processing power, causing the iPhone battery to deplete faster. You may avoid battery consumption by reducing the size of this animation somewhat.

To do so, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and select the "Reduce Motion" option at the top.

Take the animation out
take out the animation

7. Use Low Power Mode

If your charge time is low and you want to save the remainder of the battery for as long as possible while just using it for essentials. To acquire around 02 more hours of use, you must engage the low power mode.

Apple's Low Power mode decreases background activities (such as automatic software upgrades or email inbox updates), and it is recommended that it be enabled when the battery charge falls below 20%.

However, if you want to utilize it to help with battery performance on the iPhone, we recommend activating it while the charge level is less than 70%.

To enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery, then drag the slider in front of Low Power Mode to the right.

Use Low Power Mode
use low power mode

8. Turn off the "lift-to-wake" function

When you pick up your phone with the screen facing you, iOS's Lift Alert function illuminates the screen. This feature makes it easier for users to see the lock screen items and utilize the smartphone in general.

The disadvantage of this function is that the iPhone illuminates the screen with every upward movement: sprinting, jogging, leaping, and any other activity that causes the phone to go upward. Flashing the screen regularly will undoubtedly waste a substantial amount of battery power.

Of course, this movement is not the primary cause of your iPhone's battery depletion, but it does contribute. You can stop it by going to Settings > Display and lighting > then disabling the slider in front of the raise alert function.

9. Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone continues to significantly consume your iOS 15 battery. You should restart it so that iOS clears the RAM, system cache, and any background services. If you haven't reset your iPhone since installing iOS 15, do so now, to increase iPhone battery health. You should do this since the system may still need to resolve some incompatibilities and programs.

Restarting your iPhone Hold down the Power button (or the Volume Up and Power buttons together) until you see the Power off slider, then mouse over Setting. And then wait for your iPhone to shut off. When the gadget is switched totally off. To restart the device, press the Power button again until the Apple logo displays.

10. Erase your iPhone and reinstall it

If, despite your best efforts to increase battery health in your iPhone, your iPhone battery continues to drain quickly, try the fixes listed above. Your only option is to perform a factory reset, which will reinstall iOS 15 on your iPhone. Before you begin, remember that this will delete all data from your iPhone. As a result, before you begin, you should back up all of your existing data to iCloud.

To get rid of your iPhone. Select the Erase All Content and Settings option in Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

You can check the data that we have provided in this article by visiting this source: Maximizing Battery Life

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